COVID-19 Leadership Report

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Navigate Your Organization Beyond Crisis

Entromy partnered with Kotter to understand how organizations were responding to the rapid economic and social disruptions caused by COVID-19. The COVID-19 Leadership Report combines the perspectives of over 850 executives, managers, and frontline employees to understand the key challenges and offer insights to senior leaders.

“Top-level executives have a significantly more positive outlook about their organizations after COVID-19; they are 9% more confident than middle management and 21% more confident than junior employees and individual contributors.”

Key Takeaways

•   Only 19% of respondents believe activity will go back to normal after quarantine mandates end and that we will return to a state of social and economic normalcy.

•   Lower levels of confidence were reported among employees when they experienced greater amounts of change.

•   Since confidence levels may remain shaky as the duration of quarantine extends past expectations, leaders should focus on building trust in this turbulent time.

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