Fast-Track Commercial Growth Webinar

We brought together a panel of industry experts to walk you through the proven process of fast tracking commercial growth and explain how it was used to deliver significant sales productivity increases. You will learn the key strategies and tactics necessary to replicate the success and accelerate growth and productivity in your own organization.

Learn how Vertiv, Commerzial, and Entromy leverage new AI technologies to transform qualitative commercial insights into quantitative data to quickly develop conclusions, prioritize efforts and help mobilize your organization to execute.

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What you'll learn

Learn how you, through a unique combination of technology and commercial expert knowledge, can drive real commercial growth throughout your organization. You will also learn how to efficiently involve more people internally from the start, building the necessary common understanding of the why, the what of new initiatives and changes to make it happen. We explain a proven method of how to apply an analytical and systematic approach in a practical and pragmatic way, securing actual realization of short- and long-term commercial benefits as well as getting the full organization’s consistent engagement and support over time for you and your initiatives.

“Great energetic, experienced and hands-on team that dissects into the core organizational ways of working to form an accurate diagnosis of the problem and prescribe a tailor-made solution.” – Director, Sales Transformation

In this webinar we covered:

•   Commerzial’s Best Practice Assessment Framework

•   How can your sales organizations create a fast-track to growth and sales productivity in the wake of Covid-19

•   The fast-track process, and how to define relevant areas and people to involve in order to get traction for your initiatives.

•   How to work from a data-driven approach, linking all initiatives with measurable results and outcomes.

•   CASE: How Vertiv applied the approach and the AI technology to capitalize on employee insights and solutions and what benefits they realized.

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Rabih Najjar

Sales Transformation Director at
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Michael Jarnum

Commercial Excellence Advisor at
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Jan Jamrich

Founder and CEO at
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