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Accurate insight that accelerates decision making

Harness the power of Entromy to assess, analyze and understand your organization for more effective decision making.

Rapidly Assess Your Organization

Conduct a diagnostic faster and cheaper across the organization or customer base to surface priority issues.

Understand Your Entire Organization

Identify priority issues, ideas and emerging problems in real-time from distributed teams.

Easily Extract

Obtain executive-quality PowerPoint summary slides or detailed Excel reports with a single button.

A leading technology company completed multiple global acquisitions. They now had a globally distributed executive team stretched thin with major efforts. They needed a plan to help them succeed in 2019. They were also facing major shifts in the market resulting in part from trade implications from recent economic changes.

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Why Choose Entromy?

The Entromy platform enables users to rapidly understand organizational network dynamics through collaborative surveys supporting nuanced company-wide discovery.

Rapid Insights

Organizational health assessments provide executive-level critical insights in a week powered by advanced technologies (AI & NLP).

Digital Focus Groups

Capture employee feedback, insights, and solutions on the most critical issues that drive performance through a simple survey interface.

Risk Management

Discover operational risks and cultural issues that could have a significant impact to the business if left unaddressed.

Elevate Internal Leaders

Identify key influencers that employees trust as leaders within your organization to help drive strategic plans and business transformation efforts.

Maximize business growth with targeted solutions.

Join the 200+ Fortune 500 companies, private equity and management consulting firms that trust Entromy to inform their decision making and drive value for their clients.

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