Entromy will be at the PEI Operating Partners Forum on October 17-18th!

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Meet with Entromy at the PEI 
Operating Partners Human Capital Forum

March 27-28 2024,
Convene, 117 W 46th St, New York
Jan Jamrich
Kristin Murphy, PhD
Ali Khan
Ilona Bressler
Anna Boborodea
Day two (28th), 10:10-10:50
Building the talent function at your firm
from year one to year three and four
Entromy will be hosting a panel discussion at this event on the second day of the event, titled, "Building the talent function at your firm from year one to year three and four.”
  • Comparing team structures, sizes, roles and responsibilities within the human capital teams
  • Uncovering how firms have built out their teams and what their real focus is when making a third hire or second hire
  • How does a team of 1 operate differently vs. a team of 3? How do you drive the most value individually and as a team?
  • What do you insource versus outsource? Why?
  • If you are new in the talent partner role at your firm, how would you define your value?
  • How do you grow the talent function after year 3 or 4 and how do you work differently with your operating partner team in year 3 or 4? Are you expanding your teams?
  • What are some innovative practices you have built out within your firm to scale and optimize the talent function?
  • If you were starting your practice area from scratch, where would you start?
  • How do you manage supporting the needs of the portcos with those of your PE colleagues? What’s important to consider in finding the right balance for your time and focus
Kristin Murphy, PhD.
Vice President, Private Equity and Partnerships, Entromy
Kelly Carlson
Managing Director, Head of Talent, STG Partners
Christian Grados
Principal - Portfolio, Talent Management & Org. Effectiveness, Apollo Global Management
Tanya Hayes
Partner, Human Capital & ESG – Center of Excellence, Frazier Healthcare Partners
Maddy Hopsicker
Operating Partner, Talent, Summit Park

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