Private Equity and the Talent Function

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Entromy, BlueWave, and Talentscape are excited to release the market leading 2022 PE Talent Partner Study.

This year’s study focuses on role mandates, focus areas, playbooks, and best practices used by top PE firms to drive optimization of talent.

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Developing the PE's role mandate

Connecting Insights

Our intelligence engine gets to work as your first participants begin to respond: the platform effortlessly tests hypotheses, connects relevant points in real-time, and facilitates seamless virtual conversation to uncover nuanced issues across various demographics.

Identifying Internal Influencers

Entromy captures information about how work gets done in your organization - who are the problem solvers, who provides direction and who inspires. By analyzing these patterns, Entromy pinpoints key opinion leaders and uncovers their perspectives in real-time.

Automatic Categorization

Entromy’s Natural Language Processing automatically categorizes free form comments, ideas, and problems to summarize key themes based on business meaning. Critical topics and issues from user responses are prioritized to highlight areas of opportunity and uncover specific attributes driving success.

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Insights from the 2021 study

Underutilize data & analytics with respect to the talent function

Analytical approaches to management scorecards and protocol will replace gut instincts and interview-driven assessment of leadership. Assessments will include both executive search and talent firms, but also a more scientific, analytical approach to assessments.

Implement a 100-day plan post-acquisition

It is essential for PE firms and the executive teams at the portfolio companies to move quickly in order to start potential corrective actions early during the holding period in order to maximize chances of hitting aspirational value creation assumptions.

Have a standard diligence process that leverages the talent group

There is a shifting trend towards establishing playbooks of evaluation, resources and support at different stages. With the increasing recognition that leadership talent is a major driver of superior returns, talent partners are able to gain buy-in from deal-partners.

"At Francisco Partners, we aim to play the “long game” as it relates to executive talent and create career paths that don’t end with the exit or sale of a business. We ideally are looking for hungry executives that want to build an affiliation and longer-term partnership with us and will ultimately go on to play a number of roles in our ecosystem, whether several successive operating roles in our portfolio companies, Board/Advisory roles, and/or Operating Partners roles."

- Ryan Greene, Operating Partner at Francisco Partners Consulting

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