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Accelerate assessment processes for management consultants

Deliver impact to your clients with rapid organizational diagnosis.

Designed by former
management consultants

Diagnose the organizational problems and opportunities as efficiently as possible and focus on driving change with the client.

Reduce Cost of Diagnostic Phase

Conduct highly specific diagnostics faster and cheaper while reaching the entire organization or customer base.

Eliminate Low
Value-Add Work

Obtain executive-quality PowerPoint summary slides, or detailed Excel reports with a single button to reduce manual burden on your assessment team.

Improve Value Delivery

Rapidly discover nuanced organization insights and easily demonstrate ROI through effortless before/after business assessment.

Entromy’s AI + NLP technology provided Eagle Hill with real-time results and rich analysis to accelerate, validate, and prioritize insights from an organization-wide survey of over 850 employees. Leveraging the rapid nuanced insights and analysis, Eagle Hill was able to understand the root cause of challenges and identify top organizational priorities.

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Why Choose Entromy?

Entromy is a convenient, standalone tool, that significantly reduces the time and resource requirements to complete organizational assessments and provides more in depth insights than traditional survey platforms.

Rapid Insights

Organizational health assessments provide executive-level critical insights in a week powered by advanced technologies (AI & NLP).

Reduce BD Costs

Rapidly assess value and right size project to reduce the cost of sale and effort required to win projects.

Enhance Value Delivery

Leverage the rich and comprehensive insights from Entromy assessments to improve the quality of recommendations and strategic plans.

Increase Client Satisfaction

Easily demonstrate the ROI of your work to clients through before/after business assessments.

Automating every step of organizational diagnostics.

Join the 200+ Fortune 500 companies, private equity and management consulting firms that trust Entromy to inform their decision making and drive value for their clients.

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