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Fast-Track Commercial Growth Webinar
We brought together a panel of industry experts to walk you through the proven process of fast tracking commercial growth and explain how it was used to deliver significant sales productivity increases.
Your Employee’s Experiences Are Different Than Your Own
This article gives advice for senior leadership teams to understand a surprising disconnect that has emerged in today’s workforce entering the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic.
4 Ways to Engage Your Organization’s Hidden Influencers
Guest Author: Sarah Sonnenfeld, Principal & Founder at Alsephina Consulting
Why companies should leverage organizational network analysis (ONA)
Change efforts in an organization are never easy. Often, leaders lack visibility into critical influencers who may be hidden at lower levels of the organization. Using Organization Network Analysis to locate champions for your initiative can go a long way to maximize your efforts.
The Strength to Build Something New
Jan Jamrich, current CEO of Entromy and a former principal from BCG’s Boston office, discusses his entrepreneurial journey and what keeps him inspired.
Key strategies and insights for building a world class company culture
Every company aspires to build an exceptional culture that drives performance - yet very few are able to achieve, let alone maintain an award winning culture. Definitive Healthcare’s (DHC) people-first approach has helped them earn recognition as one of the best places to work by several large publications over the last several years.
New Wave of PE Firms Reshaping Landscape
Private equity firms have sometimes held a reputation for ruthless emphasis on value creation through financial engineering, M&A, or hard operational levers to realize returns.
Managing COVID-19 Challenges + Identifying Opportunities: How Does Your Organization Compare?
The disruption caused by COVID-19 across the global economy has been formidable
Action Plan for Executives Navigating COVID-19
This is part two of a four part series focused on providing a playbook to navigate the disruptive changes and new realities caused by COVID-19.
My First Week at Entromy
My first week at Entromy was awesome. I learned so much more than I ever expected to. I learned how we partner with private equity and consultant firms to leverage an innovative platform to help leaders understand their organizations instantly. I learned how virtual startups utilize various tools and platforms to stay connected in a meaningful and productive way. And I learned that working with a small and integrated team allows me to feel a sense of purpose in a way that I was truly craving.
Key Insights for Management Consultants Navigating COVID-19
Consulting is amongst the first line items to get cut in downturn (with few exceptions). This is part one of a four part series focused on providing management consulting firms with a playbook to navigate the disruptive changes and new realities caused by COVID-19.
Entromy’s support during COVID-19 disruption
At Entromy, supporting our customers through COVID-19 is our #1 priority right now.
Entromy partners with Cerevel as the exponentially-growing firm confirms its cultural foundations
How can a company almost doubling in size every 6 months ensure alignment and continue to build exceptionally high-performing, consistent culture?
Accelerated Strategy Planning for Executive Team
Entromy enabled one of the best strategy planning sessions to date for the client
New CEO Effectiveness
Entromy shattered the notion of a 100-day plan and delivered a deep organizational blueprint within one week to help the new CEO come up to speed immediately
Consulting Partnership
Entromy closely collaborated with a strategic consulting partner. Together we accelerated commercial transformation with an innovative organizational diagnostic and network analysis.
Business Transformation and Acceleration
Entromy’s organizational diagnostic served as a blueprint for major transformation
Private Equity – Organizational Due Diligence
Entromy delivered unmatched speed and quality in a comprehensive organizational diligence
What PE diligence doesn’t uncover (and how to uncover it)?
Private Equity markets are seeing bigger bets, increased competition, and higher risks. WeWork is not the only example of a house of cards that’s waiting to fall, resulting in billions of losses.
New CEO Challenge — Can I (Rapidly) Lead the Organization to Success?
She chooses Organizational Health Diagnostic (OHD) to help solve her problem — getting critical, deep, nuanced insights from the organization in less than a week.
Entromy enables Wine Access leader’s growth ambitions
Recently, Entromy partnered with Wine Access to deliver a rapid organizational diagnostic and provide insights to support 2019 growth.
Entromy guides cultural transformation through organizational and executive assessment
Just a few weeks ago, Entromy partnered with the executive team of a leading software company to assess its executive team and catalyze a culture welcome to change and innovation.
Upgrade to a more effective strategy session
We are thrilled to announce a new Accelerated Strategy Planning (ASP) offering, powered by Entromy’s Insights Platform, that changes the paradigm of what’s possible in running a highly effective executive strategy planning session. About 50% of executives admit to not having full confidence in achieving the company’s strategic goals and priorities.
Leadership lessons from successful Private Equity Symposium
The Institute for Contemporary Leadership (ICL), in conjunction with global communications marketing firm , concerted a premier panel of private equity leaders in New York City at the Harvard Club on September 26th. Facilitated by the ICL, the candid panel of private equity managing partners addressed successful practices to radically strengthen senior leadership performance within the firms’ portfolios.
What does it take to truly create a consumer obsessed culture?
Entromy and the Institute for Contemporary Leadership recently completed a webinar with industry experts Tony O’Driscoll, global head of Duke Corporate Education Labs.
Welltok achieves double-digit improvement in employee engagement after Entromy partnership
Such rapid growth created a need for equally quick employee insights to empower Welltok’s leadership and sustain its accelerating growth.
Expert insights from our 2018 Leadership Study
Leadership, the focus on and development of collaborative cultures, agility, innovation and the effectiveness of leadership programs is what elevates company performance.
GDPR Compliance at Entromy
Many companies and consumers are wondering what GDPR is and how it will impact them.
Accelerating results in M&A, turnarounds and hyper-growth companies with “employee sensing solution” — foundations of Entromy
We sat down with Alan Ross, a seasoned senior HR executive who held executive roles at large companies including Dun & Bradstreet, Nielsen, Trizetto, Matrix Medical, and US Anesthesia Partners, and is currently advising several PE firms on topics of leadership, organizational effectiveness, M&A and change.
Are you creating a performance based, inclusive work culture?
“Embrace the difference” — advised Corinna Werkle, General Manager, Reebok.
Transparency in organizations improves performance, but too much of it backfires
The right level of transparency in an organization can accelerate business performance. But too much of it can bring significant negatives.
Entromy — accelerating organizational insights, decision making, and ability to act
Entromy is fundamentally changing how quickly organizations can collect actionable information, create insights, make informed decisions, achieve leadership alignment, and increase accountability to action.
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