Welltok achieves double-digit improvement in employee engagement after Entromy partnership

Such rapid growth created a need for equally quick employee insights to empower Welltok’s leadership and sustain its accelerating growth.


In 2017, Inc. Magazine ranked Welltok in the top 5% of the nation’s fastest growing private companies. In three years, the company had grown over 15x.

Such rapid growth created a need for equally quick employee insights to empower Welltok’s leadership and sustain its accelerating growth. The company was also driving ambitious plans to achieve strategic objectives.


In mid-2017, Welltok and Entromy partnered to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to complete a broad organizational health assessment to inform strategic and transformation priorities.

With insights from the Entromy platform, Welltok was able to initiate “a laser focus that enabled us to take sequenced actions and effectively communicate with our employees. Thanks to the richness of the data at the end of the initial diagnostic, while also ensuring our employees’ confidentiality, we had the level of detail that was critical to understand the specifics of what and how to approach “ according Marisa Alexander-Daspit, Director of Organizational Effectiveness at Welltok.

Six months later, Welltok and Entromy repeated the organizational diagnostic. Updated results revealed that Welltok’s new organizational initiatives drove a double-digit improvement in key organizational scores. Additionally, updated results were shared with the organization within 7 days of the survey’s conclusion, ensuring efficient and transparent sharing of insights. This rapid turnaround, enabled by Entromy’s technology, allowed leadership to drive effective critical decisions and take actions through employees’ anonymous feedback.


Entromy enables organizations and executives to solve their most critical business and change management challenges with carefully prepared insights from clients, employees or business partners. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), Entromy’s software platform translates the voice of employee and customer surveys into real-time, executive-level reporting with quantified metrics and prioritized action areas.


Welltok is a data-driven, enterprise SaaS company that delivers the healthcare industry’s leading consumer activation platform. Welltok’s solutions empower leading health plans, employers, providers and public entities to connect consumers with personalized health improvement resources, making it easy and rewarding for consumers to complete actions that optimize their health and wellbeing. Only Welltok leverages a machine-learning, multi-channel approach proven to help innovative organizations power growth and retention initiatives, improve healthcare value, and streamline the consumer experience, while upholding the highest security and compliance standards.

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