Organizational Network Analysis, powered by Entromy

Make better decisions by knowing your key influencers

Know your leadership pipeline.
Discover most critical employees.
Enable better team collaboration.
Improve talent retention.
Promote diversity & inclusion.
Accelerate pace of innovation.
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Making leaders more effective at driving change by leveraging key influencers

A revolutionary organizational network analysis (ONA) solution that helps clients accelerate business transformation and improve organizational agility, in partnership with the Contemporary Leadership Advisors.

Our new solution goes beyond standard ONA by integrating artificial intelligence and natural language processing to not only pinpoint key opinion leaders, but also uncover their perspective and insights in real-time.

Companies must adapt and transform themselves to stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Yet, 70-90% of organizational transformation efforts fail. These failures often result from unanticipated market dynamics, an incomplete understanding of how the organization really functions, and a failure to gain the buy-in of employees needed for successful transformation.

Best practices from years of experience

Built on extensive expertise in collaboration with Comtemporary Leadership Advisors and successfully deployed with multiple companies, Entromy’s ONA capabilities have helped clients transform commercial operations, integrate multiple lines of business, accelerate new product development, increase leadership bench strength, and uncover retention risks.

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