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Real-time alignment within your portfolio

Identify potential risks and key opportunities within your portfolio companies.

Maximize Portfolio Value

Designed by former management consultants, Entromy can provide you with specific and substantive information to make well-informed decisions to maximize operational efficiency and talent utility.

Rapidly Evaluate Portfolio Risks

Gain consultant-quality insights into organizational risks and strategic alignment issues that could significantly impact your value creation plan.

Understand the Leadership Team

Post-deal, assess level of critical alignment, capabilities, and readiness of leadership teams to deliver on value creation plan.

Enhance Portfolio Growth

Consolidate visibility across portfolio to share best practices and key business & engagement drivers with other portfolio companies.

The new wave of PE firms are rethinking how to not just win deals, but create repeatable, sustainable success with their portfolios by empowering their leadership teams. Entromy’s NEW CEO Effectiveness assessment was used to gather insights, feedback, and ideas from TimeTrade’s employees and the executive report detailing the insights was delivered less than a week later.

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Why Choose Entromy?

The Entromy platform enables private equity firms to rapidly understand the organizational network dynamics and critical business areas that effect the performance of their portfolio companies.

Rapid Insights

Organizational health assessments provide executive-level critical insights in a week powered by advanced technologies (AI & NLP).

Track Progress

Quantify the impact of actions on specific business areas over time to understand the key drivers of progress.

Risk Management

Discover operational risks and cultural issues that could have a significant impact to the business if left unaddressed.

Effective Engagement

Establish trust with the leaders of your portfolio companies by communicating about the most important issues and opportunities.

Maximize portfolio growth in holding
period with targeted solutions.

Join the 200+ Fortune 500 companies, private equity and management consulting firms that trust Entromy to inform their decision making and drive value for their clients.

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