Entromy — accelerating organizational insights, decision making, and ability to act

Entromy is fundamentally changing how quickly organizations can collect actionable information, create insights, make informed decisions, achieve leadership alignment, and increase accountability to action.

Entromy is fundamentally changing how quickly organizations can collect actionable information, create insights, make informed decisions, achieve leadership alignment, and increase accountability to action.

Entromy delivers two primary benefits

  • Resource and time savings worth potential hundreds of thousands of dollars in automated analysis and insight preparation
  • Impact of millions of dollars from ability to act faster with informed decision making preventing risks, attrition, integration problems or product failures saving weeks or months stuck in incorrect status quo.

The name Entromy is derived from the mission of “enterprise transforming company”. Our unique ability to leverage AI, advanced analytics and natural language processing allows us to bring real-time deep, specific and actionable insights into an organization.

Unlike other systems and approaches, which often focus on providing dashboards of only structured information (e.g. attrition trend, defect rates, …), Entromy recognizes that customers or employees can provide infinitely more informative interpretations, explanations, warnings and contexts which comes from unstructured knowledge. The collective domain expertise, experiences and intuition are critical to delivering unique insight.

The challenge is how to efficiently do this at scale. Entromy introduces the real-time ability to present collective and prioritized insights from the organization. This is where we have carefully evaluated the entire chain of use cases from gathering information, synthesizing, prioritizing, and presenting the information to support better decision making and action.

Entromy brings several key capabilities:

  • Faster informed decision making — Entromy delivers executive-ready materials all the way to PowerPoint pages (organized from key executive highlights to supporting details) with a single click. It packages sophisticated enterprise security and nuances of managing sensitive information into an easy to use modern software-as-a-service application.
  • Collective organizational insight — Entromy recognized that successful companies need to effectively prioritize and focus. We have introduced set of capabilities that carefully tease out what issues truly matter by rapidly understanding relative priorities of risks, issues and ideas. Hence, unlike any other system, Entromy does not deliver a simple dump of information, but rather a highly prioritized set of points viewable for any organizational unit or part of the enterprise.
  • Elevating transparency to create accountability and action Entromy allows individual teams to create a set of priorities and monitor progress of their key initiatives. These can be tied back to specific issues identified hence monitor improvement over time.

The founding team and the initial group of investors and advisors bring years of management consulting experience from leading projects at Fortunate 500 companies. We have collectively managed dozens of large scale transformations, PMIs, growth initiatives and turnarounds.

Almost every engagement starts with client discovery, dozens of interviews, surveys, workshops to establish the right sets of hypotheses and plans. During the actual change management process, it is then critical to stay on top of emerging new issues, risks, and changes in the organization. With Entromy, we have shrunk the process and time needed for discovery workshops, interviews, survey processing and subsequent analyses into virtually fully automated processes supported by our unique capabilities.

Entromy Insights Platform fundamentally redefines a survey platform and introduces a new class of benefits. It takes the focus on unstructured questions, marries them with flexible frameworks from leading consulting companies, brings the ability to rapidly prioritize and connect important points across the organization. All this to support a consulting company or an internal PMO team that helps in driving change implementation. The functionality in Entromy saves tens of thousands of dollars typically required to spend on diagnostic, problem identification and subsequent analysis to prepare the right insights. Entromy does all of this practically in an instant.

Entromy primarily aims to work with consulting companies, PE and internal PMO teams, which can significantly benefit from dramatically improved processes, speed to insights, and executive ready decision support materials. The teams can then focus all their energy in drive the change implementation and organizational dynamics managing all the soft and intricate sides of business transformation process.