Business Transformation and Acceleration

Entromy’s organizational diagnostic served as a blueprint for major transformation
Entromy’s organizational diagnostic served as a blueprint for major transformation

Project Details

Entromy partnered with a leading enterprise level SaaS company to support their turnaround and accelerate growth.The company was previously one of the fastest growing private companies having achieved 1,000%+ annual growth rate. The company was trying to integrate several major acquisitions to fuel growth, but unfinished integrations were starting to become a major strain on the business.

Goals and Objectives

The leadership needed a real-time but comprehensive understanding of what was starting to drive significantly high attrition and how to turn things around. The company needed employee insights to empower leadership to sustain and restart growth. The company was also driving ambitious plans to achieve strategic objectives.At the time of the partnership, senior leadership proactively sought to find a way to gain actionable employee insights to support rapid growth.

The Solution

Entromy’s initial diagnostic revealed that employees had a strong sense of the company’s strategic direction, but major opportunities existed in organizational structure, transparent communication, broken processes and collaboration. Due to the acquisitions, there were numerous overlaps in various parts of the organization.“Thanks to the richness of the initial diagnostic insights, while ensuring our employees’ confidentiality, we had the level of detail that was critical to understand the specifics of what and how to approach.”Project results proved significant, resulting in a double-digit increase in multiple critical KPIs. With the Entromy solution, the client was able to initiate “a laser focus that enabled us to take sequenced actions and effectively communicate with our employees.”Six months later, we repeated the organizational diagnostic. Updated results revealed that new organizational initiatives drove a double-digit improvement in key organizational scores. Additionally, updated results were shared with the organization (after debriefing leadership) within 7 days of the survey’s conclusion, ensuring efficient sharing of insights. This rapid turnaround, enabled by Entromy’s technology, allowed leadership to drive effective critical decisions and take actions through employees’ anonymous feedback and insights.