Organizational Transformation of a Global Nonprofit

Project Overview

In 2019, Eagle Hill Consulting engaged Entromy to coordinate and deploy an AI-enabled approach to rapidly understand their client’s existing challenges, strengths, and cultural foundation. Leveraging the Entromy Organizational Intelligence Platform, Eagle Hill was able to develop actionable implementation playbooks for driving rapid and transformational results.

Goals and Objectives

The client, a global nonprofit development organization, wanted to transform their internal operating model and further advance mission outcomes through data-enabled decision making. To drive the client’s operational transformation goals, Eagle Hill needed to understand existing challenges and identify the root causes.

The main objective was to develop implementation playbooks and change management plans to enable client leadership to break down silos, drive greater collaboration between teams, and quickly accomplish priority initiatives.

Eagle Hill’s challenge was gathering insights from employees dispersed across 65 countries and collaborating with 40+ leaders from the client’s headquarters and remote field offices.


Entromy’s AI + NLP technology provided Eagle Hill with real-time results and rich analysis to accelerate, validate, and prioritize insights from an organization-wide survey of over 850 employees. Leveraging the rapid nuanced insights and analysis, Eagle Hill was able to understand the root cause of challenges and identify top organizational priorities. Additionally, Entromy’s Organizational Network Analysis identified key influencers within the organization that enabled Eagle Hill to create recommendations for engaging them for implementing the changes.

Eagle Hill utilized the insights from the Entromy survey along with historical document reviews, anecdotal evidence, and leadership workshops to establish 5 critical change priorities. Using the newly identified priorities, Eagle Hill outlined a comprehensive set of recommendations and worked with the client to develop high-level change management implementation plans and playbooks. Eagle Hill also developed an additional playbook for guiding effective program management which empowered the client to break down silos, drive greater collaboration between teams, and quickly accomplish priority initiatives.

About Eagle Hill Consulting

Eagle Hill Consulting LLC is a woman-owned business that provides unconventional management consulting services in the areas of Strategy & Performance, Talent, and Change. The company’s expertise in delivering innovative solutions to unique challenges spans across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, from financial services to healthcare to media & entertainment. Eagle Hill has offices in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Boston, MA and Seattle, WA. More information is available at