Entromy enables Wine Access leader’s growth ambitions

Recently, Entromy partnered with Wine Access to deliver a rapid organizational diagnostic and provide insights to support 2019 growth.

Recently, Entromy partnered with Wine Access to deliver a rapid organizational diagnostic and provide insights to support 2019 growth.

Upon becoming its new CEO, Joe Fisch had inherited a passionate company, a solutions-focused culture, and diverse leadership team spread across multiple locations. Joe was preparing the company for extremely high growth expectations .

Wine Access had recently been through a challenging phase. The company had endured leadership changes, a costly rebranding, office relocations, and a corporate restructuring. New leaders were installed across Wine Access. The organization was eager to re-identify with its customer-focused mission and to thoughtfully reflect on aligning its target customers with its mission and purpose, as well identifying the processes required to sustain and scale its outstanding customer experience.

How could Wine Access best grow across multiple locations and strengthen collaboration? What were the technology and process priorities required to help the company accelerate its customer base? What were the right values to align the growing organization around? These were key questions that were at the front of Entromy’s engagement and our organizational health diagnostic.

Upon the completion of Entromy’s assessment, Entromy provided initial results within 24 hours, and a full readout within 2 weeks to help drive the growth plan for the team. Unlike other solutions, Entromy was able to provide extensive insights to support changes for the business immediately. The CEO used the results to align his senior leadership team with a plan for future growth, preparing the organization to implement more robust processes, improved technology, and stronger internal tools. Further, the leadership team was enabled to deeply strategize on its mission and its vision for where Wine Access stood versus where the company wanted to be.

After the Entromy diagnostic, Wine Access achieved its strongest revenue per active buyer in 3 years with a renewed focus on its mission: to Connect People and Place Through Wine. In April 2019, Wine Access reactivated its highest level of wine buyers to date. According to AJ Resnick, VP of Marketing and Product at Wine Access, the Entromy platform “provided the organization a platform to rally the organization together and find our soul and voice again. We want to be the most credible trusted brand of wine and invite a new mix of customers into Wine Access. We’re making clear changes, analyzing trends, and further strengthening our solutions-oriented culture.”


In their mission to secure the best wines in the world, they rarely rest, and never settle. They visit the world’s most hallowed terroirs, explore its rising regions, and break bread with legendary winemakers, all with the goal of sharing coveted allocations and stunning values with you.

Join Wine Access as they travel the winding roads and sloping landscapes of a truly global wine country. As they gain access to coveted cellars from Bordeaux to Barossa Valley, as they discover hidden gems from California and Oregon, so do you. Experience the vineyards, crush pads, and caves where your favorite bottles are crafted. Hear the winemaker’s story, and learn the particulars that make every bottle more memorable.

Their team of wine professionals is qualified not only by their titles-Master Sommelier, Master of Wine-but by what inspired them to earn them in the first place: an unending passion for wine. Whether the team is working to secure a small allocation of a single-vineyard rarity, a single case of a Grand Cru showpiece bottle, or 56 cases of a California classic, that passion is what drives them. They taste thousands of wines every year, and stake their reputation on every bottle they select.


Entromy enables organizations and executives to solve their most critical business and change management challenges with carefully prepared insights from clients, employees or business partners. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), Entromy’s software platform translates the voice of employee and customer surveys into real-time, executive-level reporting with quantified metrics and prioritized action areas.


For additional information about Entromy or Wine Access, including an opportunity to receive a discount for $50 off a first order of $150 at Wine Access , please reach out to hello@entromy.com