New CEO Challenge — Can I (Rapidly) Lead the Organization to Success?

She chooses Organizational Health Diagnostic (OHD) to help solve her problem — getting critical, deep, nuanced insights from the organization in less than a week.

Joanne has an opportunity, and a problem. As a talented young business leader, she has been named CEO of a struggling company. Joanne is entering a new environment, managing 1,700 employees and four different product lines in a highly competitive industry. The company’s board of directors has given her specific goals, and they expect to start seeing results within the first quarter. Joanne needs to quickly establish credibility, rapport, and relationships with her new team, and she is keenly aware of her exposure — from all angles.

What should be her first steps as company leader? Who can she trust to support her strategy? How can she restructure existing priorities and critical initiatives? Joanne knows the company’s financial and competitive situation, but she needs to quickly develop deep insights to inspire action, ensure a high-functioning executive team, understand what people are thinking and how work gets done. Finally, Joanne needs to identify the hidden influencers within each organization, who can help her align and mobilize the executive team and the whole company. Joanne is keenly aware of the board’s expectations and knows if she can’t get the company to deliver, her tenure will be brief.

There is no time to waste.

She chooses Organizational Health Diagnostic (OHD) to help solve her problem — getting critical, deep, nuanced insights from the organization in less than a week.


Effective leadership starts with a strong understanding of the organization. Organizational Health Diagnostic helps companies evaluate the strategic alignment, capabilities, operational effectiveness and readiness of their people and processes. It identifies potential risks, tracks progress toward key priorities and provides insight into the key players and influencers that drive success. OHDs help executives and business leaders answer questions like: Is the organization committed to this strategy? What specific changes will add most value to customers? Are the talent strategies and culture practices resulting in the right outcomes? How much does organizational health vary by department, function, geography, product line, etc.?

Traditionally, an organization’s health has been evaluated by management consultants and often consumes weeks or months of client engagement time at a significant cost. Typical techniques include some combination of interviews, focus groups, process observations and workshops with select members of the organization. While these activities produce insights of great depth, they often only involve feedback from the company’s leadership team and a few handpicked employees. Due to these limitations, confirmation-bias inevitably creeps into the consultant’s recommendations. Such an approach does not provide corporate leadership with an accurate, complete, or objective picture of organizational health and effectiveness.

Even today, the first-generation OHD tools used by leading consulting companies still struggle to overcome the challenges of high cost, limited or superficial coverage, delayed results, biased conclusions, and misunderstood organizational dynamics. A new approach is needed.


Entromy has developed a next-generation OHD that fundamentally changes the game. Entromy allows companies of any size to capture a broad set of perspectives, deliver quantifiable results in less than a week — with first preview in a day — and present organizational health in a way that accelerates decision-making and simplifies monitoring over time. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), real-time natural language processing (NLP) and organizational network analysis (ONA), Entromy consistently produces consultant-quality organizational assessments with the speed and ease of online applications.

Entromy’s combination of AI, NLP and ONA capabilities has been proven to leverage broader input and deliver deeper insights, in less time than any other approach. In fact, Entromy is becoming the standard tool of private equity firms and is also being leveraged by a growing number of consultants to drive efficiency into their engagements. While highly flexible, Entromy delivers detailed and objective information about an organization, which is immediately packaged into a streamlined, digestible format that allows management teams to quickly make informed decisions. Business leaders can now obtain comprehensive organizational insights faster than ever before — without delaying strategic initiatives and without breaking their bank. Entromy provides the information companies need to inform, manage, and track strategic change efforts in a hyper-competitive and continuously evolving markets.


Entromy takes a differentiated, innovative approach to OHD, enabling companies to create seamless virtual focus groups distributed with ease of a traditional survey that validate the OHD results and deliver organizational network analysis (ONA) that reveal key influencers within the organization.

Entromy’s diagnostics leaps beyond the old-style static survey responses made by participants working in isolation and introduces next generation real-time NLP enabled by collaborative virtual focus group where ideas get validated and refined. It uncovers nuanced concerns and recommendations through open-ended questions and free-text responses, where participants may consider similar issues and ideas that have been raised by other participants. Entromy’s platform then automatically processes, combines and ranks employee specific points, providing leaders with an accurate and prioritized assessment of organizational health and also reveals hidden influencers and thought leaders.

Entromy’s diagnostic platform is truly distinctive:

  1. It delivers collective, nuanced, specific insights as it captures, prioritizes and aggregates detailed actionable themes from even the entire organization and offers nuanced views by departments, managers or locations.
  2. Entromy automates OHD execution, analysis, reporting and collaborative decision making, effectively eliminating the time and effort needed to conduct a traditional OHD, which spares the interruption, biases, and expense of conducting interviews, focus groups, and workshops.
  3. Entromy’s next-generation OHD identifies key influencers within the company who are not always the loudest, most obvious, or most senior people in an organization.


While Entromy did not invent the concept of organizational health, it developed a new level of the industry standard. By simplifying and accelerating the OHD process, organizational health has become a core business metric of operational effectiveness. Entromy’s clients are reducing the risk of delayed strategic change and converting it to competitive advantage and agility. Entromy exposes the true voice and collective insights of the organization — a voice that the leaders need to hear to build lasting high-performing organizations.

For Joanne, Entromy’s highly nuanced report was the key to understanding the health of her organization and helped establish her as an effective CEO within days. She was able to confidently work with her executives to usher in bold strategic growth plan and priorities throughout the organization and create necessary alignment. The insights she gleaned from Entromy, allowed Joanne to differentiate herself from previous ousted leaders. Equipped with the right information, Joanne made more informed decisions, cultivated buy-in for strategic priorities, and moved her company in a direction that kept it competitive. Rather than wait for weeks or months to learn about her organization, she had the necessary data to create an effective strategic plan within days. Joanne’s board of directors has now placed their full trust in her as a leader.

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