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Delivering change is hard. We can help you.

Entromy is focused on building a market leading insights and change management platform that allows you to diagnose, pulse and align the organization. However we recognize that delivering lasting change and transformation often requires full time dedicated PMO, coaching or consulting support. We have partnered with several industry leading experts to deliver a comprehensive solution for your needs.

Save time

Obtain prioritized view of risks, suggestions, and process painpoints in near real-time without weeks of analysis and synthesis efforts.

Reduce cost

Benefit from advanced automation, reduced need for ineffective meetings, and missed opportunities due to lack of clarity.

Increase impact

Empower teams to instantly execute on ideas that reduce process inefficiencies, speed up innovation, and remove roadblocks.

Post deal assessment

  • Seamlessly conduct comprehensive organizational assessment to evaluate organizational strengths, uncover potential risks, and create alignment on the path towards maximum exit value.

  • Leverage advanced diagnostic methodology and framework to evaluate health of the business across strategy, product and service quality, organizational processes and structure, systems and communication.

  • Gain critical insights in hours and days. Maintain real-time visibility over time and create an effective early warning system.

Business transformation

  • Acquire much needed information about quality and speed of progress to balance a high level view with specific suggestions from the team, and create an agile environment where teams can better react and manage themselves.

  • Easily complete initial organizational assessment to evaluate readiness, capabilities, potential morale and attrition risks, and surface roadblocks.

  • Create a tailored organizational pulse that will balance team problem solving, surfacing issues and suggestions, creating a level of transparency and accountability like never before.

  • Establish trust within the organization by empowering the teams and employees to effectively communicate insights from a distributed organization.

New executive effectiveness

Stepping into a complex organization represents the single biggest risk and opportunity for creating lasting impact.

  • Equip the executive with differentiated diagnostic view that will inform vision and implementation plan.

  • Establish an effective communication platform to foster sense of openness, transparency, problem solving, surfacing issues and suggestions and allow the executive to build organizational credibility quickly.

  • Create trust throughout the organization that is hard to connect with on a daily basis. Ensure clearer focus and alignment.

Organizational health assessment

In a rapidly growing company lot of systems, organizational constructs, and processes quickly become inadequate. The leadership teams lose effective opportunity to move beyond constant fire-fighting.

  • Establish a comprehensive organizational assessment that helps you set priorities, assess organizational constraints, and major attrition risks.

  • Maintain an ongoing organizational pulse to improve business visibility and lay effective communication foundation to help in scaling the business.

  • Maintain real-time visibility and early warning system over time while improving organizational health and agility.

Digital transformation effectiveness

With the constantly increasing pressures on rapid innovation, you need to efficiently diagnose the state of the business, system bottlenecks and ability to transform your business to deliver market leading capabilities for effective customer experience. Customers today demand instant, personalized, and reliable service. Is your organization well set up to deliver?

  • Gain information about your capabilities today. Capture balanced overall view, specific suggestions from the team, and create an agile environment for teams to better react and manage themselves.

  • Easily complete digital organizational assessment to evaluate readiness, capabilities, surface potential roadblocks and identify critical system gaps.

  • Establish a tailored organizational pulse to surface priority issues and suggestions for the business.

  • Establish trust within the organization through transparency and by empowering the teams to reduce time from observation to action.

Customer value proposition assessment

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. You need a better system to capture the impact of your services, perception of your products and gain critical visibility of your company’s value proposition in their eyes.

  • Get beyond the net promoter scores to understand specific priority issues, key themes to improve value proposition of products and services.

  • Proactively identify issues before they become significant impediments to the business.

  • Gather constant feedback from your customers and business partners in an effortless manner as you tweak your service offering.

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