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Effortlessly collect,
track & report your DEI & ESG data at scale

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Effortlessly collect,
track & report your DEI & ESG data at scale

Designed with Private Equity
for Private Equity

Effortless Data
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Why Entromy?

Eliminate manual effort and reduce administrative work required to gather and analyze results.

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Launch in days,
not weeks.
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Flexible, yet aligned with standards

The Need

Limited Partners and General Partners are increasingly focusing their attention on DEI & ESG initiatives at Private Equity backed businesses. In addition to offering a path toward socially responsible outcomes, DEI & ESG initiatives are also tightly linked to value creation.

Private Equity firms and their LPs are aligned on the importance of DEI & ESG topics. Organizations like ILPA and SASB are advancing the conversation by offering frameworks and resources that help standardize the industry's approach to this important topic. Now, the challenge lies in implementing a thoughtful process for capturing, tracking, and reporting the relevant data at scale.

Entromy's DEI & ESG product offers a frictionless approach to gathering data and monitoring trends, with board-level and management-level presentations ready to present at the push of a button. We are excited to offer a market-leading approach to capturing DEI & ESG data for Private Equity.

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