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Customer Stories

It’s been an amazing experience working with many leading organizations and supporting our consulting partners. Explore below to see a small sample of the value we have delivered so far.

"I’m a huge fan of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA). How cool is it that with a handful of previously-hidden influencers, you can reach 70% of the organization through informal networks? Through Entromy’s ONA capabilities, you can hear what’s really happening from those who are most trusted by their peers and map a path to work together towards change."

Sarah Sonnenfeld

Principal & Founder, Alsephina Consulting, LLC

“When I engaged Entromy to help us with an organizational health assessment at TimeTrade, I was blown away by the power of the solution. Not only was the evaluation process easy to implement, taking a mere fraction of the time of traditional third-party approaches to org diligence, but the richness of the data provided greatly exceeded expectations and informed action plans at our portfolio company.”

Michelle Noon

Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Clearhaven Partners

"Being able to use the data to gain insight into employee perceptions that went beyond just their answers to individual questions. The trends we saw across the company enabled us to validate some perceptions and challenge others - the Entromy approach enabled us to use data to inform our impressions."

William Clark

President & Chief Executive Officer at TimeTrade

“Achieving outstanding organizational performance is increasingly on dependent on harnessing connections between people, network dynamics across teams, and patterns of interactions across the enterprise. Entromy’s unique organizational network analytics methodology and its advanced assessment platform allowed us to understand the people dynamics at work allowing us to pinpoint those areas in the organization requiring focus and attention to improve both performance and passion.”

Dr. Tony O’Driscoll

Professor, Research Fellow and Academic Director at Duke University

“At Contemporary Leadership Advisors, we work with senior leaders and their executive teams on topics ranging from leadership effectiveness, team agility, culture and organizational effectiveness where quality is essential. We found Entromy’s diagnostic platform an essential go-to solution for its flexibility, and insights stemming from AI powered digital focus groups and organizational network analytics. Additionally, the thought-partnering and support from the team on our projects is a true differentiator.”

Stephen Garcia

Managing Partner, Contemporary Leadership Advisors

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