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Powerful technology leading to actionable Insights

Cmbine the quality of interviews and focus groups with the speed of a survey.

Artificial Intelligence

Connecting Insights Across Different Business Units

Our intelligence engine gets to work as your first participants begin to respond: the platform effortlessly tests hypotheses, connects relevant points in real-time, and facilitates seamless virtual conversation to uncover nuanced issues across various demographics.

Organizational Network Analysis

Identifying and Empowering Internal Influencers

Entromy captures information about how work gets done in your organization - who are the problem solvers, who provides direction and who inspires. By analyzing these patterns, Entromy pinpoints key opinion leaders and uncovers their perspectives in real-time.

Natural Language Processing

Automatically Categorizes Key Themes from Comments

Entromy’s Natural Language Processing automatically categorizes free form comments, ideas, and problems to summarize key themes based on business meaning. Critical topics and issues from user responses are prioritized to highlight areas of opportunity and uncover specific attributes driving success.