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Consulting discovery re-imagined in the era of NLP.

Jan Jamrich had a gnawing suspicion that the consulting industry he participated in was perpetuating a disconnect between the tools they offered their clients and the way they conducted their own business.

As Co-founder of Strategic Analytics at BCG, Jamrich regularly recommended powerful AI analytics tools to enterprises undergoing transformation in response to acquisitions, new leadership, or changes in the market. The tools had gotten more and more powerful, not only in their ability to gain insights from data, but also in formulating and assembling recommendations emerging from those insights. He was particularly impressed with advances in natural language processing (NLP), enabling the gathering, prioritization and selection of unstructured content for automated summarization and reporting. By contrast, Jamrich noticed that consulting firms were regularly confronted with projects requiring weeks of manual discovery of current state realities of client companies through interviews of numerous company executives, followed by significant alignment and reporting effort. Such time-intensive discovery delayed the feedback and recommendations urgently needed by the client and constituted the single largest expense category for the consultant.

It seemed a no-brainer that by applying advanced tools of NLP, consultants could deliver often desperately needed recommendations more rapidly, and could dig deeper into company leadership to surface company knowledge and talent. At the same time, such a shift would also improve efficiency metrics for the consulting firm itself. Hence was born Entromy. Jamrich left BCG, drafted a business plan, assembled advisors and funding, specified and led development of a first product for the consulting market, and launched their solution.

Based in Boston, Entromy has developed an innovative platform to surface specific key business risks, issues, and ideas in real-time – previously only possible through days of interviews, content alignment, and reporting effort. Entromy leverages cutting edge natural language processing capabilities to synthesize insights in real-time to inform leadership addressing organizational health, business transformations, M&A due diligence and PMI, rapid growth of distributed teams, and overall business performance. Since launch, Entromy has successfully provided Organizational Health Diagnostic services to over 300 client companies. While some sales have been direct to the enterprise client, growth has largely been via Jamrich’s original vision – supporting the work of consulting firms and private equity groups.

The core Entromy offering is an annual Organizational Health Assessment, also available as a quarterly or semi-annual pulse survey. Additional surveys support leadership assessment, leadership off-site prep, sales maturity diagnostic, and digital maturity diagnostic.