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EIP redefines the premise of survey-based platforms. Using artificial intelligence to tap into unstructured comments and data, our platform uncovers the deep insights that are often missing in traditional surveys and dashboards.

The platform leverages cutting-edge natural language processing capabilities to synthesize insights and deliver flexible infrastructure to provide real-time organizational health visibility. Our clients use EIP to support business due diligence, PMI, business transformations, rapid growth of distributed teams, and overall business performance.

Real-time semantic search

Create a virtual focus group by interacting, connecting and building on ideas already raised.

  • EIP instantly shows similar issues or ideas raised as comments are typed

  • EIP Issue Graph connects points across different business units or customers

  • EIP uncovers the specific issues driving success and clear areas of opportunity

Issue categorization

Understand key themes from automatically categorized comments, ideas and problems.

  • Free form comments are automatically summarized based on business meaning

  • Prioritization of topics and issues based on user input, so the most critical ideas are always on top

  • EIP is fully dynamic where it allows manual re-classifications, and learns from all actions

Discussion materials

Generate executive ready discussion materials in PPT automatically with a single click, saving days of work.

  • Confidently walk into a meeting with high quality discussion slides, knowing all details and numbers are consistent throughout

  • All the information you need – from high level overview, key themes, priority issues, to breakdowns across the organization

  • Capture and enable discussion around specific ideas vs. general themes

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