Visit us at the PEI Operating Forum in New York, October 19-20

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Meet with Entromy at the PEI Operating Partners
Human Capital Forum in NYC

March 29 – 30th at Convene, 117 W 46th St., New York City
Jan Jamrich
Mugdha Narasimhan
Kristin Murphy, PhD
John Bova
Chris Nichols
March 29, 10:20 
“Operating partner human capital strategies across the entire investment lifecycle”
Entromy will be hosting a panel discussion at this event on March 29th from 10:20 - 11:00 AM titled, “Operating Partner Human Capital Strategies Across the Entire Investment Lifecycle.” Mugdha Narasimhan will moderate the panel of leading private equity talent practitioners fromArcline Investment Management, Blackstone, Spectrum Equity and Advent International.

Mark your calendars to join our discussion and learn how to:

  • Develop human capital strategy playbooks throughout various stages of growth
  • Determine when, how and to what extent Talent Partners should get involved in company life cycles
  • Incorporate pre-deal best practices, talent due diligence and lessons learned from Operating Partners
  • Align teams on strategic direction to execute the investment thesis
  • Create value via human capital in the first 100 days
  • Prepare talent management for an exit
  • Operate productively during the hold period in the current market
  • Compare differences and approaches in sectors and industries
Mugdha Narasimhan
Managing Director, Entromy
Neel Bhatia
Operating Partner, Talent
Arcline Investment Management
Courtney della Cava
Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Portfolio Talent and Org. Performance 
Coley Florance
Head of Talent
Spectrum Equity
Coley Florance
Co-head, Portfolio Human Capital Practice
Advent International 

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