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Entromy at the PEI Operating Forum in New York

Entromy team attending the PEI Operating Forum
Jan Jamrich
Josh Nagle
Kristin Murphy, PhD
Darin Clemente
October 20th,
15:50 - 16:30
Operating partner-leadership team alignment to rapidly accelerate the value creation plan
Jan Jamrich, Kenneth Horne, Dan Meye, Ken Weaver
  • Understanding why it is now essential to rapidly accelerate value creation and transform companies faster
  • Fast start: coming out strong from day one in onboarding new portfolio companies (even in the face of recent uncertainty) 
  • Accelerating management team performance post transaction: how to do it quickly and robustly for it to have an ongoing impact in the lifecycle sooner
  • Aligning value initiatives with management: how do you influence CEOs/management teams? How do you get management teams aligned when shifting management teams?
  • Engaging with your portfolio companies throughout the investment lifecycle: how do you get them to let go of the reigns? How do you build trust to be able to scale faster?
  • Looking at executing in the four phases: the legacy team, the middle management team to get where needed, the more specialized team, and the exit phase

- Jan Jamrich, CEO and Founder, Entromy


- Kenneth Horne, Director of Portfolio Operations, Spring Lane Capital

- Dan Meyer, Talent Partner, Align Capital Partners

- Roya Rashtchi, Vice President, Portfolio Opereations, Arcline Investment Management

- Ken Weaver, Managing Director, TVV Capital

Jan Jamrich
CEO and Founder, Entromy
Kenneth Horne
Director of Portfolio Operations, Spring Lane Capital
Dan Meyer
Talent Partner, Align Capital Partners
Ken Weaver
Managing Director, TVV Capital

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