Opportunity to accelerate organization health beyond employee engagement

Employee engagement is a symptom not the root cause of organizational performance.

Employee engagement is a symptom not the root cause of organizational performance.

Many companies have traditionally been trying to assess employee health or happiness recognizing that employees who are more engaged are driving higher productivity in the office. Will Bunch in his article “ The Case Against Engagement” makes a strong case that traditional annual engagement surveys may be unfocused and don’t provide sufficiently actionable level of information. According to Towers Willis and a broader perception in the market, organizations are trying to supplement the annual survey information with a more active “listening strategy” on the business. Additionally, Will Bunch makes a case for introducing “employee purpose” as a key measure when thinking about organizational performance.

At Entromy, we see employee engagement as an outcome and merely one dimension of business health. There is a more holistic view of organizational health that is critical. Employees across the organization are close to many customers, products, and day-to-day issues. They can provide a clear perspective of the business health and its prospects well before this information shows up in operating reports. This is because many employees are experts, have in-depth knowledge and can develop intuition about what is going on. They are thinking about the implications. This information is often unstructured, nuanced, but when appropriately collated, it can provide the sharpest view of organization’s health and business opportunities.

Entromy provides an efficient way to tease the most important issues, risks and opportunities from the organization to significantly reduce time to action.

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