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Inform executive decisions with rapid, consultant-quality organizational insights available in hours.

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Assessments help your organization gain critical insights surrounding a specific event or organizational objective.


Reports are intelligently organized and condensed with the most critical information your executives need to make decisions.


Understand how your organization’s scores compare against similar companies that have completed an assessment.

Deploy rapidly

Entromy assessments provide the depth of insight of a thorough focus group with the speed and scale of a survey.

Leverage AI

With cutting edge AI and NLP, our assessments uncover the deep insights that are often missing in traditional surveys and dashboards.

Instant, impactful insights

Entromy automatically packages assessment insights into executive-ready discussion materials in PowerPoint to understand key messages easily.

"Not only was the evaluation process easy to implement, but the richness of the data greatly exceeded expectations and informed action plans at our portfolio company."

Michelle Noon
Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Clearhaven Partners

"Through Entromy’s ONA capabilities, you can hear what’s really happening from those who are most trusted by their peers and map a path to work together towards change."

Sarah Sonnenfeld
Principal & Founder at Alsephina Consulting

"The trends we saw across the company enabled us to validate some perceptions and challenge others, Entromy's approach enabled us to use data to inform our impressions."

William Clark
President & Chief Executive Officer at TimeTrade

"We found Entromy’s platform an essential go-to solution for its flexibility, and insights stemming from AI powered digital focus groups and organizational network analytics."

Stephen Garcia
Managing Partner at Contemporary Leadership Advisors

"Entromy’s unique organizational network analytics methodology allowed us to pinpoint areas in the organization requiring focus and attention to improve performance.”

Dr. Tony O’Driscoll
Professor, Research Fellow and Academic Director at Duke Universiy

I continue to appreciate Entromy's approach to analyzing not only organizational health and culture, but also identifying those who help to influence our organization. The insights are much deeper than previous suppliers I have utilized.

Michael Quinn
Corporate Leadership Trainer at Everi Holdings

“The service we received from our account managers was fantastic. The Project was launched successfully, on time and gave a brilliant insight into where our business can continually improve and support our people.”

Britta Sanderson
HR Manager at Torrent Pharmaceuticals

"I’m a huge fan of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA). How cool is it that with a handful of previously-hidden influencers, you can reach 70% of the organization through informal networks? Through Entromy’s ONA capabilities, you can hear what’s really happening from those who are most trusted by their peers and map a path to work together towards change."

Sarah Sonnenfeld

Principal & Founder, Alsephina Consulting, LLC
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