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Earlier this year, Entromy partnered with The Institute for Contemporary Leadership to launch our 2018 Leadership Study exploring the organizational, cultural, and leadership attributes correlated to high-performance in Mid-Market and Large Companies. Over 100 top executives provided their perspectives on leadership, innovation, and talent challenges.

As one industry participant remarked:

“The Leadership Study results were loud and clear…
build an effective culture to attract top quality talent”

Key highlights and study insights

  • Improving agility is consistently a high priority and aspiration, but remains elusive
  • Developing efficient processes to understand key issues and drive rapid change was far the single biggest challenge facing participants
  • Overall, exceptionally high-functioning companies demonstrated a hyper-focus on proactive capabilities vs. more reactionary qualities
    • For companies growing more slowly than the competition, the top three cited cultural descriptions were “results-driven,” “individual ambition,” and “passionate”
    • The fastest growing organizations highlighted completely different characteristics: “highly collaborative,” “client focused,” and “entrepreneurial”

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CEOs of mid-market and large companies are grappling with implications of key market trends.

Companies are searching for ways to become more agile, nimble and effective. They are looking to gain and information edge to understand, plan and act faster while creating strong cultures that weave resiliency into a sustainable organization. Entromy uses AI to distill feedback into a prioritized view of key issues, risks and opportunities.

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