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Private equity partner

You are looking to strengthen the performance of your portfolio companies and maximize the value at exit.  The quality of leadership and the ability for the organization to drive change are the most important factors for the success. However, traditional dashboards and reports often provide delayed or colored information. It is hard to easily capture the true feedback and insights from within the organization that could impact the performance a few months from now. You want to know about potential quality issues, ailing transformation efforts, management tensions,  or inefficient organizational structures.

You aim to diagnose the organization shortly after the deal, and need to stay close to detect and prevent any risks that could jeopardize the success of the investment. You would like to maintain a level of visibility that would help you support the organization’s leadership in accelerating the investment thesis. Ideally, you are looking for additional layer of visibility across the health of the portfolio companies in near real-time to focus your where most effective to drive value.

Key pain points

You operate within constraints

Your time is extremely limited. You are looking for critical information, early identification of risks, and potential opportunities. Entromy has been designed by former management consultants so you can be assured it will help surface information that can critically impact the bottom line value both in the short and long term.

Here is how Entromy can help:

  • Gain efficient visibility into the organizational health of your portfolio company

  • Empower the leadership of your portfolio companies with critical new insights to maximize exit valuation

  • Obtain high quality PowerPoint summary slides and executive reports across all your portfolio companies seamlessly in practically real-time

  • Have the same level of secure access as your portfolio company’s leadership team.

  • Stay close to your portfolio companies after initial post-deal assessment during the full investment phase to maximize impact

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