Private Equity &
the Talent Function

Private Equity firms increasingly recognize that talent is a key differentiator of performance.

As a result, many larger firms have built Talent Teams (including dedicated resources who were previously recruiters, talent consultants or HR executives), while smaller firms have asked partners to wear multiple hats and manage outsourced resources. Challenges brought on by COVID-19 and social, political and economic changes have created an even higher priority on talent.

In order to better understand this function and provide guidance to PE firms on best practices for talent, Entromy and TalentScape Partners ran a study to  evaluate the priorities, capabilities, and maturity of talent teams at Private Equity firms. 

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The shift in focus of Private Equity firm strategy towards talent has revealed areas of opportunity and clear steps forward to accelerate value creation:

  • A little over half (52%) of firms make 100-day plans with clear talent actions
  • Across firms, data & analytics were most frequently cited (90%) as underused and underdeveloped
  • Only 15% of firms collect and leverage external HR data to predict risk