Position: Data Scientist— NLP Specialist

Location: Boston (or virtual)
Status: Internship or full-time
Reports to: CEO or Head of Engineering
Contact: [email protected]
# of openings: Multiple

Organizational Transformation

Position summary

We are seeking outstanding candidates who have a mix of exceptional academic or industry background, understanding of cutting edge NLP and data science techniques and a set of personal characteristics with high integrity, passion, thirst for learning and challenge to strive in the dynamic small team environment. The role provides an incredible opportunity to work directly with the company’s leadership team in extending our early innovative Entromy Insights Platform. The candidate will have an opportunity to take part in projects that will further extend our foundation and establish completely market differentiated offering.

Entromy’s core analytics components are written in Python leveraging a combination of open source libraries such an spacy.io, machine learning components and numerous proprietary algorithms.

Core technical elements of the platform focus on

  • Real-time statement similarity classification
  • Topic classification and detection incorporating machine learning for model refinement
  • Incorporating sentence structure, context detection and sentence segment semantics
  • High specific topic extraction and text summarization
  • Building highly distributed and optimized algorithms

The early platform has ability to detect semantically similar statements that considers both individual words and sentence structure with high degree of accuracy in <10 ms, incorporating highly effective multi-tier heuristics and machine learning algorithms.


You should have a demonstrated expertise and qualifications that will allow us to directly accelerate our early product offering. By bringing in cutting edge methodologies you will help improve our model’s effectiveness. With the right skills and experiences you will have the potential to become the analytics leader at the company and help us define the analytics roadmap and become part of the senior team influencing product strategy.

Specific analytics and data skills

  • Cutting edge NLP expertise and strong intuition for effective techniques
  • Advanced data-science skills including predictive analytics, segmentation techniques, and deep learning
  • Python programming and deep passion for efficient coding principles
  • Comfort with data engineering, SQL and high-performance multi-threaded programming

Practical knowledge

  • Exceptional awareness of libraries and techniques that improve NLP / NLU effectiveness
  • Ability to manage own technical environment in AWS ranging from DB, servers to ML components

Core skills

  • Exceptionally curious, passionate and perfectionist for efficiency and quality
  • Self-starter, insanely motivated in getting things done
  • Strong communication skills in framing problems, defining hypotheses for solving issues
  • Works well with team and unafraid to ask for help

If you are looking to learn as part of a small rapidly growing business with world class leadership and advisors or are ready to become part of the early leadership team, we look forward to hearing from you.


Commensurate with the experience and opportunity to work part or full time, the role will provide a combination of salary and equity.

Application process In applying for this position, please send your resume to [email protected] accompanied, by a brief explanation of interest and qualifications.

Evaluation will happen on a rolling basis requiring at least two interviews, including a final round with the CEO.

Please note that given the small company stage the opportunity will provide a dynamic role with unlimited growth and responsibility potential given demonstrated ability to deliver.

*Entromy is an equal opportunity employer.