We’re partnering with Eagle Hill Consulting on a research study to explore the intersection of culture and organizational performance.

We’re partnering with Eagle Hill Consulting to showcase cross-industry workplace culture best practices. Eagle Hill has partnered with over 100 clients on culture-related engagements and have learned first-hand that culture is essential to driving business success. The Culture Valuation study will produce critical insights from over 700 C-suite executives in successful companies and enable you to incorporate some proven best practices in your organization.

We’d like to invite you to participate. The study is 100% confidential, takes about 10 minutes to complete, and uses an innovative dynamic format that provides great specificity for best practices. Based on these insights, we will develop and share a practical guide for senior C-suite executives to develop exceptionally agile, high-performing organizations.

Entromy has helped over 100 clients distill key insights into their strategic objectives and organizational health. Our culture study will help shape the way leaders are reimagining their strategic imperatives when conceptualizing and quantifying culture.

Receive your C-suite report including:

  • Top-of-mind organizational culture challenges and executive priorities across industries
  • How high-performing organizations are investing in their culture and how you stack up against peers
  • Cross-industry workplace culture best practices
  • How successful companies measure culture to drive business success

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Eagle Hill Consulting

Eagle Hill Consulting is a Forbes “America’s Best Management Consulting Firm” and pioneer in workplace culture issues. Eagle Hill has been at the forefront of helping companies achieve business results by unlocking the potential in their people – including a key focus on culture, for over 15 years. Learn more at www.eaglehillconsulting.com

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