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Entromy’s support during COVID-19 disruption

Dear colleagues and friends, At Entromy, supporting our customers through COVID-19 is our #1 priority right now. In conversations with CEOs in recent days, we have heard first-hand the incredible disruption COVID-19 is wreaking on organizations.  Employees are being shifted to remote work, parents are adjusting to having kids home [...]

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Entromy partners with Cerevel as the exponentially-growing firm confirms its cultural foundations

How can a company almost doubling in size every 6 months ensure alignment and continue to build exceptionally high-performing, consistent culture? Cerevel Therapeutics is a next-generation biotech company growing phenomenally fast, pursuing multi-billion-dollar market opportunities, while also introducing increased emphasis on defining core tenets of culture, common values, and purpose. [...]

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What PE diligence doesn’t uncover (and how to uncover it)?

Private Equity markets are seeing bigger bets, increased competition, and higher risks. WeWork is not the only example of a house of cards that’s waiting to fall, resulting in billions of losses. With a shrinking window for diligence, and growing valuations, the pressure to generate outsized returns is increasing with [...]

New CEO Challenge – Can I (Rapidly) Lead the Organization to Success?

Joanne has an opportunity, and a problem. As a talented young business leader, she has been named CEO of a struggling company. Joanne is entering a new environment, managing 1,700 employees and four different product lines in a highly competitive industry. The company’s board of directors has given her specific [...]

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Entromy guides cultural transformation through organizational and executive assessment

Just a few weeks ago, Entromy partnered with the executive team of a leading software company to assess its executive team and catalyze a culture welcome to change and innovation. The company had reached great levels of success over the years, but had also been blinded by its success: the [...]

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Upgrade to a more effective strategy session

We are thrilled to announce a new Accelerated Strategy Planning (ASP) offering, powered by Entromy’s Insights Platform, that changes the paradigm of what’s possible in running a highly effective executive strategy planning session. About 50% of executives admit to not having full confidence in achieving the company’s strategic goals and [...]

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Leadership lessons from successful Private Equity Symposium

Successful executive leadership lessons discussed at Private Equity symposium, sponsored by the Institute for Contemporary Leadership and Edelman The Institute for Contemporary Leadership (ICL), in conjunction with global communications marketing firm Edelman, concerted a premier panel of private equity leaders in New York City at the Harvard Club on September [...]

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Welltok achieves double-digit improvement in employee engagment after Entromy partnership

WELLTOK’S RAPID GROWTH CHALLENGES In 2017, Inc. Magazine ranked Welltok in the top 5% of the nation’s fastest growing private companies. In three years, the company had grown over 15x. Such rapid growth created a need for equally quick employee insights to empower Welltok’s leadership and sustain its accelerating growth. [...]

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What does it take to truly create a consumer obsessed culture?

Entromy and the Institute for Contemporary Leadership recently completed a webinar with industry experts Tony O'Driscoll, global head of Duke Corporate Education Labs.According to Tony O’Driscoll, building and sustaining a customer-centric culture requires “far more agility in collective decision making” and enabling greater decision making at all levels within a [...]