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Entromy partners with Cerevel as the exponentially-growing firm confirms its cultural foundations

How can a company almost doubling in size every 6 months ensure alignment and continue to build exceptionally high-performing, consistent culture? Cerevel Therapeutics is a next-generation biotech company growing phenomenally fast, pursuing multi-billion-dollar market opportunities, while also introducing increased emphasis on defining core tenets of culture, common values, and purpose. [...]

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What PE diligence doesn’t uncover (and how to uncover it)?

Private Equity markets are seeing bigger bets, increased competition, and higher risks. WeWork is not the only example of a house of cards that’s waiting to fall, resulting in billions of losses. With a shrinking window for diligence, and growing valuations, the pressure to generate outsized returns is increasing with [...]

Entromy enables Wine Access leaders’ growth ambitions

Recently, Entromy partnered with Wine Access to deliver a rapid organizational diagnostic and provide insights to support 2019 growth. Upon becoming its new CEO, Joe Fisch had inherited a passionate company, a solutions-focused culture, and diverse leadership team spread across multiple locations. Joe was preparing the company for extremely [...]

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Entromy guides cultural transformation through organizational and executive assessment

Just a few weeks ago, Entromy partnered with the executive team of a leading software company to assess its executive team and catalyze a culture welcome to change and innovation. The company had reached great levels of success over the years, but had also been blinded by its success: the [...]

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Welltok achieves double-digit improvement in employee engagment after Entromy partnership

WELLTOK’S RAPID GROWTH CHALLENGES In 2017, Inc. Magazine ranked Welltok in the top 5% of the nation’s fastest growing private companies. In three years, the company had grown over 15x. Such rapid growth created a need for equally quick employee insights to empower Welltok’s leadership and sustain its accelerating growth. [...]

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