Expert insights from our 2018 Leadership Study

"Leadership, the focus on and development of collaborative cultures, agility, innovation and the effectiveness of leadership programs is what elevates company performance." - Leadership expert Tony O’Driscoll, Global Head of Duke Corporate Education Labs. Earlier this year,  The Institute for Contemporary Leadership partnered with Entromy to identify the leadership, organizational [...]

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Accelerating results in M&A, turnarounds and hyper-growth companies with “employee sensing solution” – foundations of Entromy

We sat down with Alan Ross, a seasoned senior HR executive who held executive roles at large companies including Dun & Bradstreet, Nielsen, Trizetto, Matrix Medical, and US Anesthesia Partners, and is currently advising several PE firms on topics of leadership, organizational effectiveness, M&A and change. Alan represents a progressive [...]

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Are you creating a performance based, inclusive work culture?

“Embrace the difference” – advised Corinna Werkle, General Manager, Reebok. At the Empow(HER) conference last week, over and above the discussions on inclusion, women leadership, work-life balance and “oh it’s still a man’s world!”, what emerged was a compelling need for companies to acknowledge gender differences in order to build [...]

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Transparency in organizations improves performance, but too much of it backfires

The right level of transparency in an organization can accelerate business performance. But too much of it can bring significant negatives. Transparency generally improves alignment, opportunity for teams to act faster, ensure that results and problems are addressed before they have chance to balloon. However, David de Cremer argues that [...]

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Opportunity to accelerate organization health beyond employee engagement

Employee engagement is a symptom not the root cause of organizational performance. Many companies have traditionally been trying to assess employee health or happiness recognizing that employees who are more engaged are driving higher productivity in the office. Will Bunch in his article “The Case Against Engagement” makes a strong [...]

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Entromy – accelerating organizational insights, decision making, and ability to act

Entromy is fundamentally changing how quickly organizations can collect actionable information, create insights, make informed decisions, achieve leadership alignment, and increase accountability to action. Entromy delivers two primary benefits Resource and time savings worth potential hundreds of thousands of dollars in automated analysis and insight preparation Impact of millions of [...]

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